After Death Of Steve Jobs, Google & Samsung Say It’s “Not The Right Time” To Launch Galaxy Nexus

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Android players Google and Samsung have decided to delay introducing a new phone, possibly out of respect for the recent death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. In a joint statement, the two firms said a planned Oct. 11 unveiling “is just not the right time to announce a new product.”

Originally set to go public during the upcoming CTIA Fall tradeshow, Google and Samsung said they will announce a new date and venue soon. The Galaxy Nexus, running the latest version of Android codename “Ice Cream,” was expected to be a Verizon exclusive.

Both Google and Samsung have ties to Apple. Google CEO Eric Schmidt was on Apple’s board of directors before resigning in 2009. Samsung, of course, has long battled Apple in court over patent-infringement claims involving the iPhone and iPad. Most recently, the South Korean handset company filed lawsuits in France and Italy designed to halt the newly-introduced iPhone 4S.

While the idea the two Android backers would put off introducing a new phone and new mobile operating system out of respect for Jobs’ is a great storyline, it probably isn’t the true reason for the pause. Although Jobs was a remarkable CEO he was also noted for his fierce competition, making the decision to delay product introduction more likely a naked business move — which, in the end, could be the best homage to Jobs any technology company could make to Steve.