Logitech Finally Runs Through Its Stock Of Revues, Closes The Book On Its Failure

Can’t say we didn’t see this day coming. Your dreams of nabbing a Revue from Logitech for the low price of $99 have officially been squashed. Logitech has confirmed in their Q3 2012 report that the Revue is officially sold out — done, kaput, fini!

The Logitech Revue had a rough life, and never really had the opportunity to thrive, or live up to its expectations. While Logitech is happy to finally close the book on this failure, us consumers need not worry, there are a whole slew of next generation Google TV devices set to hit shelves soon. Vizio has one, as well as almost every TV manufacturer out there. You couldn’t turn the corner at CES 2012 without seeing some form of Google TV. So keep your chin up, and tip your glasses to the little guy that started it all. Here’s to you Mr. Logitech Revue, you will be missed.