Big Android BBQ 2013 Tickets Now On Sale

Big Android BBQ Prices

Tickets are officially on sale now for The Big Android BBQ, the most popular yearly gathering for Android hackers, enthusiasts, friends and families is only a just few months away, running from October 10th to the 12th and will take place at the same location as last year, the Hurst Convention Center, outside of Dallas.

As in previous years, there is a wide variety of entry-packages available, plus an all new [x] option. All ticket types together with prices can be seen below:

Each package offers its own set of perks, with each one building off the last, until you get to the final package. For example, The General Admission package will get you through the door, access to the pool party and an all-you-can-eat plate at the BBQ. Ticket price = $55.

Whereas the Ice Cream Sandwich package will get everything in the General Admission’s package plus a reserved seat at the keynote, quick entry into the event and a bottle of Ray Walters’ secret rub that has been used at the last two BBQ events. Ticket price = $100.

The Jelly Bean package will get you everything mentioned above in both the Ice Cream and General Admission packages as well as private “behind-the-scenes” lunch’s on both days, meaning that you will have the opportunity to sit with the staff and other VIP’s that are working on the event. Saturday will be a box lunch with water and/or soda, Sunday will consist of a Fajita Wrap or Chef Salad with water and/or soda. You will be provided a private area in which to eat and relax so you don’t even have to leave the event. Ticket price = $175.

The Key Lime Pie package will give you all of the perks in the Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich and General Admission packages, in addition to a private BBQ dinner on Friday night cooked by Ray Walters himself. Where you will have the opportunity to converse with prominent community members, as well as with the Big Android BBQ staff and sponsor representatives. Ticket price = $250.

That leaves us with the BBQ [x] package, otherwise known as the mother of all perks. This will get you everything mentioned in all the other packages plus so much more. The Big Android BBQ team will book you a first class round trip flight (continental United States only) as well as a room in the Hyatt Hotel. From there, Big Android BBQ founder Aaron Kasten will meet you at the airport wearing a monocle and top hat whilst holding a tablet displaying your name, he will then chauffeur you to a drive-thru restaurant of your choice followed by a drive to the Hyatt Hotel. Your hotel room will be ready for you with a welcome package. And as an extra added bonus, you will have golf cart service between the hotel and Conference Center during the event, along with many other exciting and exclusive opportunities. Ticket price = $5,317.78.

Tickets for the [x] package are extremely limited, with only five available, so if you have a spare $5,000, or so, sitting in the bank and you would like nothing more than to be chauffeured around by Aaron Kasten himself, then this is the package for you.

You can check out all of the details and buy your tickets by clicking the source link below.