Galaxy Nexus Not Included In Apple’s Slide To Unlock Patent Suit

There was an earlier report of Apple going after the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for violating its slide to unlock patent, which left most Android users scratching their heads. It was obvious that the new unlock feature in Ice Cream Sandwich was vastly different than the traditional slide to unlock, leaving many to chalk this up to another Apple patent trolling. Now we know this isn’t the case, thanks to a report in the Korean Herald, in which an unnamed Samsung official says:

“We’re aware that there was a hearing involving Apple’s slide-to-unlock feature after our patent infringement case last Friday and a series of products in the Galaxy lineup were accused there, but what we’ve discovered is that the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t one of them,” the company official said.

This makes sense as it’s the older unlock mechanisms that would most resemble Apple’s claims. While Apple isn’t attacking the Galaxy Nexus just yet, don’t be surprised if they do in the future. I don’t see the Apple lawsuits slowing down, especially now that they have billions of pocket money to spend.