Google Updating Its Privacy Policy And TOS In March – One Policy To Rule Them All

Beginning March 1st, Google will roll most of its privacy policies into one new main privacy policy to cover the majority of its products. Google has been slowly working towards the goal of creating a unified and more personal experience across their products and the new privacy policy is just another step in that direction.

The new privacy policy will contain the majority of jargon you’re used to seeing with the exception of Google now combining the information collected from all of its services to serve a “simpler, more intuitive Google experience.” Think of it in terms of the new personal search feature Google recently introduced. Now when you do a search in Google, you not only get your normal Google results, but you get personal results from other Google products you use such as Google+.

Of course not everyone will be happy about this change, but as always, you can choose to take your information and “get out,” or utilize tools like your Google dashboard and Ads Manager. I’m not worried about what Google is doing and if that’s the price I have to pay for using the amazing products they develop and hand out for free, then I’m willing to agree. To each his own, and it’s completely your choice.

Google has put together a brief video to help explain its changes and what they mean for you, the user. Enjoy.