Samsung Unveils ATIV Q, A 13.3-Inch Windows 8 Tablet That Also Runs Android


One of the highlights of Samsung’s London Premiere event that took place last night was the unveiling of the South Korean company’s first dual-OS tablet, the ATIV Q. As the name suggests, the product is part of Samsung’s ATIV line, which primarily has nothing to do with Android. However, on this occasion the goal was to “marry” both Android and Windows together to create the mother of all computing experiences.

The ATIV Q is a unique and “truly convertible device” that has the ability to jump from Windows 8 to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. That means you will have the power to download and run all of your favourite Android apps through Google Play, whilst fully utilizing Microsoft Office and any other PC-based applications that Windows 8 has to offer.

You can even complete advanced tasks like sharing files and folders between both operating systems.

This “convertible” device has a built-in hidden keyboard that enables the user to transfer from a touchscreen-only tablet to a keyboard-based machine that’s more than capable of getting the work done. It can be transformed into four functional modes; lay the display flat over the keyboard for tablet mode, raise the display upright to use just like a laptop, float and adjust the display to a comfortable viewing angle, or flip the display to place in the built-in stand mode to watch movies, surf the web, or play games.


This wonderful piece of technology is also extremely thin and lightweight for optimum portability, weighing in at only 1.29kg and being only 13.9mm; it’s extremely portable and the perfect companion for your daily travels.

In terms of specifications, the dual-OS tablet packs a 13.3-inch qHD+ display with a resolution of 3200 x 1800 (275 ppi), an Intel Core i5 Processor, Intel HD Graphics 4400, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of solid state memory, a 9-hour battery life, and a camera that can shoot 720p HD video.

There is also a variety of different I/O ports, including USB 3.0, USB 2.0, micro HDMI, a built-in mic, and an SD card slot.

The qHD+ display is designed to provide a flawless viewing experience, which automatically adjusts to ensure the device is fully functional regardless of the brightness in outdoor conditions.

Unfortunately, Samsung did not announce any availability or pricing information, so we are in the dark for the time being.

The official press release can be seen below.

Samsung Strengthens Tablet Business and Demonstrates Commitment to Customer Choice with Innovative New ATIV Tablets

New Convertible ATIV Q and ATIV Tab 3, the World’s Thinnest Windows Tablet, Offer Ultimate Versatility and Productivity on the Go

LONDON, U.K. – June 20, 2013 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in digital media and convergence technologies, unveiled two new tablets today, giving consumers more ways than ever to create, consume and share content, and blurring the industry boundaries. The two new Windows 8 tablets, the ATIV Q and ATIV Tab 3, include several innovative new features that set them apart from other mobile tablets, including incredibly versatile form factors and extremely thin and light bodies. Both are powered by Windows 8 and bring several unique features to market – including the world’s thinnest tablet and a convertible tablet with the ability to run Android apps.

“Busy lives demand convenience, and the convertible nature of these tablets delivers the versatility, mobility and adaptability consumers should expect from personal computing today,” said DJ Lee, President and Head of Sales and Marketing Office, IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. “These tablets are the result of people-centric innovation, and they were designed to provide consumers the flexibility to manage their digital lives on their terms whether they are in the office, at home or on the go.”


Samsung launches the ATIV Q – a truly convertible device with the ability to change modes and the power to enjoy both Windows and Android. Born of the tablet family, the ATIV Q allows users more flexibility than ever to adapt the device to fit any situation, posture or environment. Built with today’s evolving consumer lifestyles in mind and usable as a notebook or tablet, it delivers on the ATIV promise to make work more seamless and life more convenient.

  • Enjoy Android Apps on Windows: Addressing consumers’ desire to access Android apps on a Windows-based PC, the ATIV Q allows users to experience both Windows 8 and Android (Jellybean 4.2.2) on the same device. Users will not only get access to Android apps via Google Play but will also be able to transfer files to share folders and files from Windows 8 to Android, truly marrying the mobile and PC experiences.
  • Versatility to Suit Any Environment or Needs: The ATIV Q sports an innovative hinge design that allows the user to transform the tablet into four functional modes. Lay the display flat over the keyboard for tablet mode. Raise the display upright to type just like a laptop. Float and adjust the display to a comfortable viewing angle. Or flip the display to place in the stand mode to watch movies with ease. The four-in-one design of the ATIV Q easily adjusts to give users all the options they need in one device. ATIV Q is also extremely thin and lightweight for optimum portability. At 1.29kg and only 13.9mm, it’s easy to take everywhere you go.
  • The Ultimate Viewing Experience: The ATIV Q introduces the world’s highest resolution, QHD+ (3200×1800) display. The tablet’s 13.3-inch touch screen offers 2.8 times higher pixel density (275ppi) than full HD displays for viewing the finest of details. ATIV Q is also designed to provide an optimized viewing experience regardless of location and high brightness in outdoor environments.

SideSync is available on the ATIV Q and ATIV Tab 3, enabling users to switch from working on their PC to an Android-based Samsung smartphone with simplicity and ease. With SideSync, the user’s PC and mobile device become one. Simply use the PC keyboard to respond to a text on a mobile phone; view maps on a larger screen, display photos and videos on both devices to make editing files even easier; or use an ATIV PC to back up and charge mobile devices. With SideSync, users enjoy more productivity with fewer interruptions to work and everyday life.

Convenience is all about saving time and finding easier ways to get things accomplished, and Samsung ATIV tablets enable users to do just that. By making the personal computing experience more versatile, Samsung continues to make work more seamless and life more convenient.

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