Online Retailer Grand St. Ditches Invites For New Android App


Grand St., an online retailer of creative gadgets, has today launched its first mobile app on Android. Customers usually require an invite to use the service, but Grand St. is opening up to everyone who downloads the Android app on a smartphone or tablet, with unlimited access to the curated selection of wonderful technology it sells.

The Grand St. app lets you browse, discover, and purchase items quickly and easily in the palm of your hand, and you’ll find all kinds of incredible things that you won’t find elsewhere. They specialize in interesting products that might be obscure or produced only in small batches.

Every item Grand St. sells has been held, played with, and tested — so if they sell it, “that means it’s truly awesome and we stand by it,” they say. They also offer free ground shipping on all orders, and a 30-day no hassle return policy. And now that Grand St. is on Android, everyone can take advantage of it.

So why Android first?

“Android is currently the world’s fastest-growing mobile operating system and its evolution over the past two years across the board has been astounding,” said Aaron Henshaw, one of Grand St.’s co-founders. “We wanted to create a native commerce experience for once catered to the Android community first.”

The Grand St. app is free to download, and you can find it in Google Play now by clicking the source link below.