Another Galaxy Note III Prototype Appears In The Wild


A Samsung insider has been teasing a mysterious prototype smartphone with a uniquely large screen, which is believed to be a possible Galaxy Note successor. Much like earlier prototypes, this latest one features a 6-inch screen accounting for 84% of the front of the device and an incredibly thin bezel.

Here’s a shot of the device, which was obtained by @PunkPanda.


This latest leaked image has smooth, rounded corners — much like the modern Samsung devices, whilst earlier prototype images of a purported Galaxy Note III had straighter, box-like edges. This suggests that either this isn’t the Galaxy Note III, but another upcoming smartphone, or that Samsung has changed the design of the device.

Of course, it’s completely plausible that the Korean company has been testing several designs — as it did with the Galaxy S4. Furthermore, Samsung is well-known for camouflaging its prototypes in numerous casings to disguise them from the public, so this could be another rare Galaxy Note III sighting.

The one thing the leaks do have in common, past and present, is the extremely narrow bezel around the display. It’s definitely not “edge-to-edge,” but it’s a dramatic improvement over the Note II.

Of course, this may not be a Galaxy Note at all — it could be another large device that Samsung is working on behind the scenes. After all, the company releases so many in all sorts of sizes, that this could be just one of many it has up its sleeve for the future.

For now we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of this prototype; hopefully we’ll hear more in the coming months.