Red Aurora Galaxy S4 Now Available From AT&T


The new Red Aurora Galaxy S4 is now available to purchase from AT&T. It’s the first time Samsung has released a new color variant following the flagship handset’s release back in April, and it’s exclusive to AT&T in the U.S., so you won’t find it anywhere else.

You won’t need to pay any more for the Red Aurora model; it’s $200 with a two-year contract just like the original white and blue models. And it comes with the same 16GB of internal storage, though you can expand that via the microSD card slot.

Samsung’s latest update for the Galaxy S4 allows you to store apps and games on external storage cards (when AT&T decides to release it), which makes that microSD card slot all the more useful — particularly with the Galaxy S4, which only has just over 9GB of storage available to users.

You can order your Red Aurora Galaxy S4 from AT&T now by clicking the source link below.