Android Market Yanks ‘Is My Son Gay?’ App Created to Promote Book

After a furor from the gay community over an app asking the question ‘Is My Son Gay?’, the Android Market has apparently yanked the title. “Google had pulled it from the site unilaterally,” an Australian news site reported Tuesday. Turns out, the app designed to help mothers determine whether they sons are gay, was commissioned by a French author to promote his book.

People need to “focus on the right fight” said author Christophe de Baran. De Baran, who is gay, said the app was designed “with a fun approach.” The app and book of the same name “use fun and humor to talk about difficult moments for families to go through, such as coming out,” the author told the news site SBS.

An outcry erupted soon after the app’s release with Twitter messages calling on Google to remove the download from the Android Market. At one point, even UK singer Boy George got involved, asking the app be expunged.

Although this tempest in a teapot appears to have subsided, there are still gay-oriented apps available for anyone questioning the sexual status of friends and family. Humorous apps include Gaydar Radar, which claims to help identify a homosexual via a photo, and the R U Gay Quiz.