Google’s Mystery Gift To Glass Explorers Is Revealed

All is revealed.

All is revealed.

Last Friday, June 14, reports were flying in from Glass Explorers all over the United States they had received mystery shipping notifications from a sender described as “GOOGLE X.” We were completely in the dark about the contents of the package at the time, but we now know exactly what’s in the box.

Before you proceed, prepare to be disappointed.

Many people were speculating that the Glass Explorers could be receiving a new white Nexus 4 to thank them for being the first Glass adopters, or possibly a Glass accessory for testing. Although the idea was pretty farfetched, I thought it was perfectly feasible considering they each paid $1,500 for the opportunity to test Glass.

It turns out that after all the speculation, however, Glass Explorers didn’t receive a white Nexus 4 or anything remotely as exciting. Instead, Explorers received a good old fashioned water bottle (pictured below).

ImG 1

Glass Explorer Jason Alvarez posted a series of pictures on Imgur, including the one above, showing off his brand new Google water bottle together with a kind handwritten note from the Glass team at Google HQ in Mountain View.

The only feature that separates Google’s water bottle from any other water bottle is that Google’s has the official Glass logo embedded on the side, which I surpose is a pretty neat way to brag to your friends that you’re an official Google Glass Explorer. At least this is a pretty exclusive gift that only a few will own.

Jason Howell created an unboxing video wearing his Google Glass unit, to show us his elation and disappointment from a first-person perspective when he opened his gift box from Google, which I found somewhat amusing. If you wish to view this video click here.