Google Sends Mystery Packages To Registered Glass Explorers


Reports are flying in from several Glass Explorers all over the United States with UPS accounts, showing that shipment notifications are being received from ‘GOOGLE X’. But what could the package be?

Much to our disappointment the shipping information did not include the weight of the package, so it’s hard to say at this point. We imagine that it’s some form of thank you gift, or some other type of good will gesture for being the first Glass Explorers.

However, it could be a brand new accessory for Glass that Google would like Glass users to test.

Some people are speculating that they may be receiving a white Nexus 4. Although that is a pretty far fetched idea, it may be possible that Google has a few extra gifts in store for the first users of Glass, seeing as they did pay $1,500 for the opportunity.

That’s all the information we have for now, it could be anything inside those boxes. For all we know it could be a Google branded rubber duck. Although, we will be sure to let you know exactly what’s inside the boxes, if we ever find out.