Celebrate The Chinese New Year With A Dead Zebra Android Mini Collectible [Limited Quantity]

If you haven’t heard of Dead Zebra or their Android mini collectibles, they are quite a collectors treat. Every so often, Dead Zebra puts out a limited quantity of these one-of-a-kind figurines and believe me, they sell out fast. Their latest Chinese New Year collection features Fortune (祿), Blessing (福) and Longevity (壽). These three guys were primarily created for DZ’s partners in Asia, but they’ve decided to bring a few sets over to the US!

Starting tomorrow at 11am EST, Dead Zebra will begin selling its first batch of collectibles with a strict policy of one-per household. One order consists of all three figurines and will cost $29. If you miss out on the first batch, you’ll have another opportunity at 11pm EST when the second batch goes up for sale. After that, you won’t ever see these guys again (unless on Ebay or something) so if you’re a collector looking to add some unique pieces to your Android collection, you’ll have to act fast.

Remember, that’s tomorrow January 25, at 11am EST for the first batch, and January 25, 11pm EST for the second batch. For more information on these collectibles and FAQ’s about their sale, follow the source link below.