Samsung CEO Says He Has No Plans To Sign Peace Treaty With Apple


Apple and Samsung may have signed a deal for Samsung to produce Retina displays for the iPad mini, but on the legal front, the bitterness between the two companies hasn’t sweetened one bit.

Samsung’s CEO has that his company has no plans to sign a peace treaty with Apple regarding the 50 ongoing patient disputes the two companies are fighting on four continents.

Shin Jong-Kyun, CEO of Samsung Electronics was addressing reporters about the company’s recent share price fall, when he made comments about not signing a deal with Apple, according to a report from The Korea Times. During his press conference, Shin also provided a rebuttal to a JPMorgan report that claimed the Galaxy S4 isn’t selling well:

“Patent disputes against Apple be continue.

I can say sales of the Galaxy S4 smartphone are fine. It’s been selling well.

The report (by JPMorgan) was based on its own analysis. Probably the bank may have corrected its previous bullish estimate about the S4 sales. “

Samsung lost $12 billion in market value last week due to concerns that the Galaxy S4 is eating into the company’s profit margins. Shin also announced to the reporters that Samsung plans to release a mirroless camera that runs Android.