Google Publishes I/O Highlights Video To Help You ‘Relive The Magic Moments’ [Video]


I think we can all agree that Google I/O this year was a huge success, but though many people attended, most of us didn’t get the opportunity. However, Google’s live-streams enables us all to view the I/O events in real-time. Google thought it would be nice to give people the opportunity to ‘relive the magic moments’ in a 5-minute highlight video.

Many of us thought that I/O lacked certain aspects that we expected to see, such as a new version of Android, but from whatever perspective you look at it I/O was still a huge success. We got to see the release of brand new features, such as: Play Music All Access, Google Hangouts, Google Games, in addition to improvements to Google Maps and lots more!

Believe it or not, it has only been 3 weeks since Google I/O and many of us are beginning to forget some of the announcements, and the phenomenal experiences that came with them.

If you were lucky enough to attend I/O 2013, watched the live-stream on YouTube or are just interested in what Google had to unveil, be sure to watch the ‘Relive The Magics Moment’ video below.

As you probably experienced from the video, there were loads of awesome memories and ‘magic moments’ that took place during I/O 2013, and Google isn’t about to let you forget them in a hurry!