Mad Catz Confirms Project M.O.J.O. Android Console For E3


We just told about that latest developments concerning the GamePop console, which will bring Android titles to your television this winter. But it appears there’s another Android-powered console on the way that’s looking to secure a spot in your living room.

It’s called “Project M.O.J.O.,” and it’s being developed by Mad Catz, the gaming accessory giant that produces a whole host of peripherals for just about every console there is.

We don’t know too much about Project M.O.J.O. yet — other than it’s a pain to type — but Mad Catz is promising a reveal all at E3 next week. Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson confirmed the device during the company’s recent earnings call.

Richardson described Project M.O.J.O. as a “micro console” — a supercharged smartphone that will use your HDTV as its display. It will be all about hardware, he said, and it will be open platform.

Mad Catz recently announced a new partnership with NVIDIA which will see it produce GameSmart peripherals for devices powered by the new Tegra 4 processor. It’s unclear whether this partnership will have anything to do with Project M.O.J.O., but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a Tegra 4 chip inside the device.

We’ll bring you more next week when Mad Catz tells us more about Project M.O.J.O. at E3.