Disable Contact Images In The New Gmail App For Android [How-To]


Google updated its Gmail app for Android earlier this week, and most of the changes and new features it introduced have been welcomed by users. But there is one that’s splitting opinions, and that’s the new contact images that sit alongside your emails.

They’d be neat if every email had a contact image to go with it, but if your inbox looks anything like mine, the vast majority of them don’t, so instead you see a big colorful initial that just wastes space.

Fortunately, it’s easy to to turn those contact images. Here’s how.

From your inbox, go into Gmail’s Settings menu — either by tapping the menu button on your Android device, or using the menu icon in the top right-hand corner — then tap the “general settings” tab. In here, you’ll find an option to display “sender image.”

That option is enabled by default — which is why those pesky contact images show right after you’ve updated the Gmail app. But if you tap that box to disable them, they’re disappear. Once you’ve done that, back out to your inbox and you should find that the contact images are now gone.

This gives you more space for your emails and allows you to see more of the subject, and the email itself. There is one caveat to this, however. With those contact images gone, you can no longer tap them to select multiple messages. Instead, you’ll need to initiate the multi-selection feature by tapping and holding the first email.