Samsung Continues To Egg Apple On With Its Latest “We Just Got Samsunged” Ad

I’m sure by now you’ve been subjected to the perpetual cat fight between Samsung and Apple. Just when I thought Samsung couldn’t taunt Apple any further they go ahead and launch another ad for their “The next big thing is already here” campaign. Their newest ad, which is set to smear your screen during the Super Bowl, has a corny catchphrase that I’m assuming Samsung hopes will go viral. Would you like to hear it? Of course you would — “We’ve Just Got Samsunged!” I kid you not, this is what one of the portrayed iFans blurts out after a Samsung Galaxy SII owner shows him that he has free turn by turn navigation built into his phone.

This latest add is a continuation of their previous ads, he one’s which showed fans of “a certain other device” waiting in line for hours for the next “great” iteration to be released, only to become suddenly mesmerized by random citizens and their Samsung Galaxy S II devices. It’s full of iPhone jabs and stereotypes that some people will find funny, while others will find it just plain sad. No matter the impact of these videos on you, or the mobile market, one thing’s for sure — Samsung loves pushing Apple’s buttons.