Evernote For Android Updated To Support New Reminders Feature


Evernote for Android has today been updated to support the company’s new Reminders feature, which debuted on iOS, Mac, and Evernote’s web app two weeks ago. Reminders provides in-app alarms, note-based to-dos, and more to help you stay organized.

Here’s what’s new in Evernote 5.1 for Android:

Reminder: 3 features in 1
– Alarms: Set due date and notifications for your notes
– Note based to-dos: Mark notes as done
– Pin notes: Order Reminder manually or by date
More Reminders features
– Create Reminders in any note view and note composer
– View Reminders by notebook
– Subscribe to Reminders in Shared and Business Notebooks
Other improvements
– Improved copy/paste in note view
– Corrected photo order in multi-shot camera
– Improved shortcuts functionality
– Improved Japanese support

For more information on Reminders, check out Evernote’s blog post that details the new features. There’s also a great demonstration video below.


You can download the latest Evernote for Android release from Google Play now — just hit the source link below.