Avoid The Latest YouTube Update For Android


Google released a new YouTube update for Android this week that makes a few minor improvements, but it’s recommended that you avoid it. The release appears to contain a bug that is rendering the app completely useless for a large number of users.

The update comes with version number 4.5.17, and it offers the following changes:

* Open the guide from anywhere in the app for quick access to your subscriptions and feeds
* Video suggestion overlays during playback
* Bug fixes and stability improvements

But that’s not all it brings. Android Beat points to a growing number of one-star reviews on Google Play from disgruntled users who say that their YouTube app no longer works following the update. It simply displays a “an error has occurred” message and refuses to do anything.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 17.24.03

Fortunately, there is a workaround if you’ve already updated. Close the app and then go into Settings and manually clear the YouTube app data, then restart your device. That should fix the issue, and the YouTube app should work normally again.

Unless you had problems with the previous version of the app, then, it’s probably best not to update until Google releases another one to fix the problem.