HTC One S May Not Get Sense 5 Update


The HTC One S is possibly one of the more impressive midrange smartphones currently available, and it’s only just over a year old. But it may get its nose pushed out when HTC begins issuing its much-anticipated Sense 5 updates to existing smartphones.

Kormiltsev Andrey, head of HTC Russia, has reportedly said that “technical issues” are preventing HTC from porting Sense 5 to the device.

LlabTooFer, a reliable source of HTC leaks, posted the news on Twitter today:

According to @Kormiltsev Head of HTC Russia, HTC One S might not get Sense 5 update due to “technical” issues. So my concerns were confirmed.

LlabTooFer goes on to say that the issue could be due to the One S’s aging Snapdragon S3 processor. Sense 5 has been built to run on the latest HTC devices, which utilize Snapdragon S4 processors or later. Modifying it for the older chip could cost more than HTC is willing to spend.

In my view this might happen because of using S3 and S4 Qualcomm processors, HTC doesn’t want spent resources on porting UI to S3 platform..

Of course, if HTC cannot bring Sense 5 to the One S, it’s likely it won’t get the latest versions of Android, either. The two go hand in hand, and again, it could cost HTC more than it’s willing to spend to build Sense 4+ into the latest Android releases.