Sky Returns Android Apps To Google Play Following Hack


British broadcaster BSkyB has returned all of its of Android apps to Google Play. All ten of them were pulled earlier this week when they were hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, and Sky advised users to uninstall them from their devices.

Now users are safe to install them again.

The Syrian Electronic Army replaced the logos of six Sky apps with their own, and altered their descriptions to read “Syrian Electronic Army Was Here.” It also breached one of Sky’s Twitter accounts. It’s believed that the Android apps themselves were safe, but Sky advised users to uninstall them anyway just in case.

“We are aware that the Android apps of Sky+, Sky News were hacked and replaced,” the Sky Help Team wrote on Twitter. “Please remove the apps if your are [sic] already installed it.”


Now the apps have all returned to Google Play and they are safe to download again. Click the source link below to find them.