New Pebble Update Brings Notification Improvements, UI Tweaks & More


The Pebble smartwatch has just received a new software update that makes a number of improvements to notifications, tweaks the device’s user interface, and fixes numerous bugs. It also adds a new watch face called Simplicity.

Here’s the complete list of changes with PebbleOS version 1.11:

What’s New

  • Improved Notification UI
  • Allows multiple notifications to be viewed if they arrive within a short time frame
  • Improved Set Time UI
  • Added the option of showing your current speed (as oppossed to your pace) in the RunKeeper application.
  • Swapped next and previous track buttons in the music application.
  • Added the Simplicity watchface.
  • Removed the Fuzzy Time watchface (it is available through the watchapp library).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a few issues where the bluetooth module would consume too much power.
  • Fixed an issue where rounded rects drawn with graphics_fill_rect did not handle being clipped properly.
  • Sped up text rendering when some of the text layer is clipped off the screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the vibrating motor would get stuck on.
  • Fixed a crash when changing windows, most commonly seen in the set time and set alarm UIs.
  • Fixed an issue where SMS messages on iOS would be incorrectly shown as an email with a very long subject line.

The Pebble is still in short supply at the moment, and it isn’t easy to get your hands on one. However, its creators are working hard to build as many as they possibly can. They’ve already shipped almost 70,000 units during the Pebble’s first year, and they expect to ship hundreds of thousands more in its second.