Nexus 7 Passes Through Bluetooth Certification Again


Google has recently entered its Nexus 7 device into the Bluetooth SIG test… again. This is really strange as the Nexus 7 has been out for just less than a year now, so why would it need to be put through its paces again, in terms of Bluetooth? Could this be the first sign of Android 4.3 coming to the Nexus 7?

Android 4.3 is said to feature Bluetooth Low Energy Support (Bluetooth LE) – meaning that when you have Bluetooth turned on, it won’t completely drain your battery, like it used to. Instead, it will work with your device to conserve battery. So, if Android 4.3 supports Bluetooth 4.0 LE, it’s only natural that it should be put through certification once again.

The main purpose of Bluetooth LE is to significantly reduce the power usage of Bluetooth, whilst maintaining the same fast transfer speeds. You should see Low Energy Support on an Android device near you, with the release of Android API 18.


Here we see the Nexus 7 revisiting the Bluetooth SIG

In this case, the Nexus 7 device is being tested running software version JWR11 – which could possibly be Android 4.3. However, we have no proof that this is the case.

A leaked photograph emerged yesterday, showing a Nexus 4 device running Android 4.3, with the software version JWR54B – so, is this significant proof to justify the reasoning for the Nexus 7 being re-entered for the Bluetooth SIG test?