Low Bluetooth Energy Support Coming To Android Soon


As many Google fanatics expected, on Wednesday evening, Google announced the new Android API version 18 – which will feature Bluetooth Low Energy support.

The Bluetooth Low Energy support will be coming to an Android device near you, with the release of Android API 18, the purpose of the feature is to significantly reduce the power usage of Bluetooth whilst maintaining fast transfer speeds.

As you may be aware, certain Android devices – such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note II – already implement Bluetooth Low Energy, however the new API will bring support to all Android devices.

API 18 will also include support for AVRCP (1.3) – this is a service which allows users to control Television’s and HiFi equipment over Bluetooth. AVRCP includes software which enables you view music tracks and the playing status of music tracks, directly from the music source.

Android’s new API 18 will be available to download shortly, so expect to see Bluetooth Low Energy support in your settings application, some time in the near future.