Google Release New “Roll It” Cross Platform Game For Chrome/Android [Video]


Do you remember the game World Wide Maze? World Wide Maze was a Chrome experiment that transformed any website of your choice into a playable marble maze, using your Android device as the controller. Well, now Google has developed another Chrome experiment, and this time it’s a cross platform game, called Roll It.

Roll It connects your Android device (phone or tablet) straight to your Chrome browser on your computer, using a unique identity code. Once connected, you use your Android device to aim and shoot a ball, through your computer in a virtual game of Skee-Ball – a game commonly found in Wii Sports.

Bearing in mind this is only an experiment, to show off the sheer power and capabilities of Chrome and Android, there are a few creases that need ironing out, one of which is, when participating in a game, you experience some lag between aiming and firing the ball, and the response time co-ordinated by your computer, making it hard to score a shot.

However, this really does show us how far we’ve come in terms of web browsers and mobile operating systems – once upon a time, web browsers would only have been used to surf the internet, nobody would have dreamed about playing a cross platform game between your web browser and mobile device.

Of course the game has a few issues, but it’s only an experiment, after all. From here on in, it can only get better and more advanced, until eventually it’s perfected.

If you look below you will see a video published by Google Chrome, which shows you a simple demonstration of the game.

To play Roll It, click on the source link below.