Google Experiment Turns Your Favourite Website Into A Marble Maze [Video]


Chrome has been around for a while now, and Google has just begun showing off what it can do. The company recently released a new Chrome Experiment that transforms any website of your choice into a playable marble maze. World Wide Maze breaks down the elements of a webpage, and processes these elements to create a floating obstacle course for you to navigate a marble through — using your smartphone as a controller.

The purpose of the game is to navigate a marble through the maze and collect gems; the amount of gems you collect determines your place on the scoreboard. So the more you get, the better!

However, the idea is not entirely original, as it stretches back to the tabletop labyrinth games and the hit Sega title Super Monkey Ball.

If you look below you will see a video published by Google Chrome Japan, which shows you a simple demonstration of the game.

To play World Wide Maze, click on the source link below.