The ARCHOS Android Powered Home Smart Phone Is Now Available In The UK

You may remember the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone we showed you last month, you know, the home phone with Android on it. Well, it’s now available to purchase in the UK, and the 8GB model will set you back £129.98, including taxes. The ARCHOS 35 takes the “smart” from smartphone, and puts it into your home phone.

With the ARCHOS 35, you will get the features you’ve come to expect from a DECT phone in addition to the great smartphone features of Android (minus the Android Market). Your home phone never had so many features — just take a look at the chart.

I’m not going to lie, I’d totally own this phone if it were in the US. I guess I’ll just have to wait — and yes I still need a land line, I don’t get service in the valley in which I live.

via Android Central