ARCHOS Brings Android To Your Home Phone With Their New 35 Smart Home Phone

We live in a day and age where having a home phone basically means having your smartphone in your home. While many have abandoned the home phone in lieu of having one phone bill to worry about, there are still a large number of people who either don’t have good cell service in their home, or simply don’t want an expensive cellular service bill. Now, thanks to ARCHOS and Android, those people can have a home phone that is a smartphone, without the worry of an expensive cell contract. Introducing the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home PHone.

The ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone features a 3.5 inch touchscreen running Android that uses standard DECT protocols and is compatible with any ADSL box or phone line. Since it’s running Android, it also has the advantage of having features such as:

  • – Caller name, number and photo display
  • – Customizable MP3 ringtones
  • – Web and email access
  • – Easy contact transfer from your mobile phone
  • – Access to hundreds of thousands of Android apps

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of having a separate Android phone as my home phone. This will allow me to save the battery on my mobile device while enjoying all the features of an Android smartphone. The only problem now is getting my kids to pause their game of Angry Birds and answer the phone. Check out the tech specs below and be on the look out for a release date soon.

via Phandroid