Check Out These Shocking Photos A Galaxy S III That Spontaneously Combusted


Maybe it would be safer without the back…

Over the years, thousands of exploding cell phone stories have emerged – but only a fraction of them turn out to be true and the rest are stories designed to sue phone manufactures. The latest story to come to our attention was posted on Reddit, and shows a users Samsung Galaxy S3.

In the Reddit user vizionx1208‘s own words, he placed his phone on his bed and plugged it into the mains adapter to charge – shortly after falling asleep, he was awoken by a loud squeaking noise. According to his written account, as soon as he awoke he noticed a ton’ of smoke coming from his Galaxy S3, after turning the light on he realised that his phone was on fire, so he poured a glass of water over the phone to prevent the fire from spreading.


The pictures featured on this post show that the Galaxy S3 left a fair amount of damage behind; the users foam mattress pillow had a hole burned right the way through and the fire left a nasty burn on the guys finger.

It looks like the cause of the fire was due to the lithium ion battery, the picture of the battery (below) shows a mass of swelling – which definitely indicates it was a lithium fire.


Vizionx1208 claims the device was in a stock-state, it was not rooted, nor did it have any software modifications – the user was using the stock battery and the stock mains adapter, so what caused the malfunction with the S3?

If you wish to find out more about the exploding Galaxy S3, and look at the full gallery of pictures, be sure to hit the source link below.