HTC’s Quad-Core Phone Seems To Be Suffering An Identity Crisis

Apparently HTC’s mega-beast quad-core handset is suffering from quite the identity crisis. We’ve come to know it as the HTC Edge up until just recently when PocketNow reported that HTC went ahead and changed the codename to Endeavor. It’s supposed to undergo another name change to Supreme, once it hits retail shelves, but as PocketNow points out, while retail names often see multiple name variances, codenames usually remain the same to help distinguish them internally.

While reasons for the name change remain unknown, it most likely has to do with HTC trying to stir up some newfound excitement in time for Mobile World Congress, where they plan on debuting the device. Since most press outlets already have the lowdown on the HTC Edge, perhaps they were looking to throw us off by tossing in a new name. Silly HTC, don’t you know, tricks are for kids.

No matter the name of the device, we’ll be sure to get a good look at it at MWC, and we’re quite excited to see quad-core handsets introduced, considering CES was pretty void of these mythical beasts.

via Android and Me