Pandora Updated To Let You Share Everything You Listen To On Facebook


Pandora has finally updated its mobile apps and website to let you connect with Facebook’s “Open Graph.” This means that you can now flip a toggle and share everything you listen to on Facebook. What you listen to is collected under the music section of your profile. Services like Spotify and Rdio have had this ability for awhile.

From today’s announcement:

While we’ve offered social features that allow you to explicitly share your Pandora stations and music discoveries to Facebook for some time, today’s update makes sharing effortless. This means it’s easier than ever to discover new music from friends’ listening activity in your Facebook News Feed or by checking out the music section on their profile. The new music section on your Facebook profile includes a dedicated radio collection which offers a great place to find inspiration for new stations to listen to.

If having everything you listen to instantly shared on Facebook isn’t creepy to you, then there’s probably no reason to not turn this feature on. You can turn it on and off at will. Facebook and Pandora allow you to hide who sees specific activity, like the baby-making playlist you’d prefer not to share with your mother.

Pandora’s update is available on its Android app, iPhone app and website.