AT&T Plans To Discontinue The HTC First And Ship All Remaining Units Back To HTC [Rumor]


Facebook Home hasn’t been doing too hot lately. First there was the news that Facebook Home has been a dud in the Google Play store, and now we’ve just learned that AT&T is already going to discontinue the HTC First.

The HTC First was the first and only smartphone to feature Facebook’s new Home interface baked into the OS. The smartphone just debuted on AT&T last month, but it’s already getting tossed out of stores.

BGR reported this morning that AT&T’s sales of the HTC First has been so disappointing that AT&T will be removing the device from stores and shipping all unsold inventory back to HTC.

The exact timeframe of the discontinuation of the device isn’t clear at this time. AT&T still has to fullfill its contractual obligations to display the First in its stores, but once that period is over you’ll have missed your only chance to buy the first Facebook smartphone.

Ominous signs about the HTC First’s future floated over the Internet last week as AT&T announced the price of the phone would drop to just $0.99 a few weeks after its launch. Reviews of the HTC First didn’t hold up too well either, so we’re not surprised the phone is being discontinued, but it’s shocking how fast it happened.