Facebook Home Suffering From Little Interest And Poor Reviews [Report]

Facebook Home

Remember Facebook Home? The Android-based OS was debuted by Facebook last month, and it received its first update in Google Play yesterday. Despite being downloaded over one million times, poor reviews have been plaguing Home since it became available for download on select devices.

“According to sources, analysts, and user reviews in the Google Play store for Android apps, Home is a dud so far,” reports Business Insider. The publication’s sources said that Mark Zuckerberg still has faith in Home, but company morale for the young product is already weakening.

On top of that, the HTC First’s price has already been dropped to $1 on AT&T after less than a month of availability. As Facebook Home’s flagship phone, that isn’t a good sign for the platform.

You’d think that many of Facebook’s one billion users would want to use something like Home, but it turns out that people aren’t that addicted to Facebook. When Home is installed, it overrides the look and feel of the Android OS and even hides apps. Users have given Home a two-star overall rating in Google Play. Sites like The Verge have praised Home for its pretty aesthetics, but the software is still lacking a lot of basic functionality.