Carmageddon Brings Classic High-Speed Carnage To Android


Carmageddon, the ultra violent racing game that first made its debut on PC back in 1997 — and was subsequently banned around the world — is now available on Android. The title made first made its appearance on mobile back in October when it landed on iOS, but fans can now pick it up in Google Play for just $1.99.

If you’re unfamiliar with Carmageddon, then you’re in for a real treat — providing you don’t mind graphically violent games, of course. You race around real-world environments that have been turned into killing fields, plowing through pedestrians at high speeds in an effort to achieve your highest score.

The bigger the carnage, the better you do.

You car is your main weapon, but you’ll also benefit from power-ups and “mad effects” that’ll help you splatter more blood. There are 28 “dangerously deranged” opponents to take down, 11 exhilarating environments, and a career mode with 36 crazy levels. You can unlock 30 different cars, and collect 27 different achievements.

Carmageddon for Android is an exact port of the original, but it’s been slightly enhanced for modern devices. The visuals are still very much the same, so don’t expect anything too special, but this game doesn’t need to look pretty to be super fun.

Check out the trailer below:

Carmageddon is available to download now from Google Play, priced at $1.99.