Samsung S Voice Bashes The iPhone, But Likes To Think It Is Siri


Samsung loves bashing its competitors, and it often does so in advertisements for new Galaxy products. So it’s no surprise that the Korean company has programmed its S Voice assistant to bash the iPhone. Ask it if it’s ever used Apple’s popular smartphone and S Voice delivers a scolding response.

“No, I have standards,” it replies.

S Voice gives a more surprising response when asked if it is Siri; it says, “I like to think I am.”

That’s certainly the case, of course. S Voice is Samsung’s answer to Siri, and it made its debut on the Galaxy S III last year, months after Siri was launched on the iPhone 4S. It offers similar functionality, including the ability to set reminders and alarms, make calls, and answer questions.

Android Central reports that S Voice gives these responses on the international Galaxy S4, and that users might see varying results on other Samsung smartphones.