Rovio Accounts Lets You Pick Up Your Angry Birds Progress On Any Device


Rovio has launched a new service called Rovio Accounts, which allows you to pick up your saved games on any mobile device. So if you complete ten Angry Birds levels on your Android smartphone, you’ll see the same progress when you login on your iPad.

Rovio Accounts isn’t just compatible with Angry Birds, but other titles from Rovio as well. The service will initially launch worldwide inside The Croods, as well as in the original Angry Birds game for iOS in Finland and Poland.

Rovio says that Rovio Accounts will eventually be available inside all of its titles worldwide, but the company hasn’t yet announced its rollout plans. Those who play Rovio titles will surely be looking forward to taking advantage of the new service, which will allow them to play their favorite titles on any device without starting over each time.

Without Rovio Accounts, it’s impossible to sync your game data between different platforms. You can sync it between your iPhone and your iPad thanks to iCloud, but if you want to take the same progress onto an Android-powered device, then you’re out of luck.

Now that’s no longer an issue. Simply log into your account on any device and you can pick up all of your games from right where you left them.

Rovio Accounts could encourage mobile gamers to purchase Rovio titles on more than one platform, making them even more popular than they already are. The Finnish firm is already one of the most successful game developers thanks to the Angry Birds series, which drove sales of $195 million last year alone.