Twitter For Android Gets Trends & A New Menu Button In Latest Update


The official Twitter client for Android has been updated to introduce a new menu button that provides users with quick and easy access to account switching and settings. It also supported Trends, a feature that was also brought to iOS this week, and promises a smoother experience.

With the new menu button, which you’ll find in the top right corner of the app, alongside the compose button, you can quickly switch between your accounts and access the app’s settings. It’s particularly handy if you use multiple Twitter accounts within the app, because it now takes just two taps to jump between them.


In addition to this, Twitter for Android now incorporates Trends, which lets you see “what’s happening near you or around the world.” You’ll find Trends under the Discover tab.

You may also notice that Twitter now offers a smoother experience, thanks to bug fixes and “other improvements.” The latest version of the app is available to download from Google Play now, and as always, it’s completely free — just click the source link below.