Samsung Promises All Day Battery Life For Future Devices

As mobile devices gain advances in almost every aspect of hardware and software, the one thing that doesn’t get any better is battery life. It’s expected that all these larger screens, graphic intensive games, etc. would demand more of our batteries, but why we have yet to see battery advances or larger batteries included in these devices is beyond me. Perhaps it’s due to manufacturers trying to maintain a slim appearance, but it’s time to start spending a bit more worrying about battery life versus a couple millimeters in thickness.

One company looking to improve the user experience and ensure a full days worth of battery life is Samsung. According to an interview with CNET, VP of Product & Technology, Kevin Packingham has stated that Samsung Electronics has set a goal that smartphones coming out this year can last all day under average to moderately heavy use. Being able to go the entire day on a single charge should certainly be the goal of any company manufacturing a mobile device and I’m glad to hear they are making it a priority.

LTE has been a big contributor of dismal battery life and considering LTE is to be the next standard, we should start working on ways to improve battery life as soon as possible. While Samsung promises improvements on the way its devices will handle function like searching for Wi-Fi or LTE, I believe adding the larger batteries at this point is a given. The first thing I did when I purchased my Galaxy Nexus was grab the extended battery and I’ve yet to have any issues going the entire day with moderate to heavy use. Of course, if you are a power user, there’s no way of really avoiding the need for a charge or multiple batteries, but that should be expected.