Iron Man 3’s 18 Different Armor Suits Will Soon Land On Your Android, iOS Device


The exotic Iron Patroit armor, featured prominently in trailers for the movie.

The release of Iron Man 3 for Android and iOS is almost upon us, and Gameloft sent us a sneak peak of the 18 different Iron Man armor suits available to the player in the game.

These gorgeous images augment the trailer Gameloft released of their endless runner (the category of game Iron Man 3 falls into) last month. The game’s out on April 25; no word about price yet. More suits to get you drooling below.


War Machine armor, as sort-of seen in the second Iron man movie.


Old-school Mark II armor.


Mark 38 Igor armor, presumably for use after Tony Stark eats too many donuts.


Silver Centurion armor — my favorite from the comic book.