Pocket For Android Gets New Sharing Features, Auto Fullscreen View & More


Pocket celebrated its first anniversary this week, and it’s marking the occasion with a new update on Android that adds some handy sharing features. It also makes some improvements to the Instant Sync feature, and adds an automatic fullscreen mode in article and web view.

Pocket now has a new sharing menu that aims to make it easier to send stories to other places. It’s not too different to the old sharing menu, but it now displays recently used apps first. There’s also a new Send to Friend feature, which lets you email interesting stories — with your own comments — to your friends without having to leave the app.

And if friends send stories to you, you’ll see them in your Pocket inbox, where you can quickly add them to your read-it-later list. This helps you avoid pushing stories aside and forgetting about them. The inbox also lets you view friends’ comments, and quotes they may have highlighted for you.

In addition to the new sharing features, Instant Sync now works with multiple devices, and you’ll also find that stories automatically show in fullscreen mode in both article and web view. The update also makes some bug fixes and improvements.

The latest version of Pocket is available to download now from Google Play — just click the source link below.