Hapifork Tattles To Your Phone About How Much You’re Eating [Kickstarter]



The French were everywhere at this year’s CES, measuring everything. Everything. The most imaginative expression of this peculiar (but useful) French obsession was the Hapifork, a Bluetooth-connected utensil that measures the user’s eating habits.

If that sounds interesting, good news: Hapifork has finally made it to Kickstarter, just two months behind schedule.

If that doesn’t sound interesting, let’s try a clearer description of what the gadget does and why.

Hapifork actually measures the speed and frequency with which you put food into your mouth. If you eat too fast, the fork will buzz to remind you to slow down. The measured data can also be sent to your Phone via Bluetooth, or downloaded to your computer via micro-USB cable. The idea behind the fork is simple: Eat more slowly, live longer.

The first 2500 Kickstarter pledges will snag the fork for $89, a $10 discount off the device’s retail of $99 when it finally ships in September. They’re also offering 300 beta-tester spots — which means you get the fork for free, and get to guinea-pig it up.