Outlook.com For Android Gets Overhauled With New UI & New Features

Screen Shot 2013 04 17 at 12 06 05

If you’re an Outlook.com user who uses the official app on Android, you’ll be pleased to know that it now has a new user interface and a number of new features. The app was a little ugly before, but Microsoft has given it some much-needed attention and make some significant improvements.

Outlook.com now looks a lot like a Windows Phone app — as you can see from the screenshots above — which I think is a good thing. I’ve very clean and simplistic, which makes trawling through your inbox and dealing with emails a much more pleasant experience.

In addition to the new look, users will also find a number of new features, including conversation threading, filters for unread and flagged messages, and the ability to mark messages as junk.

You can add your Outlook.com account to the built-in email client on your Android device, of course. But Microsoft believes its official app provides a better experience on Google’s platform.

“We believe that the best mobile experience is enabled through Exchange ActiveSync–which provides a rich, powerful, network-optimized experience for Windows Phone, iOS and other mobile devices. However, native support for Exchange ActiveSync on Android devices varies significantly and so we build a separate app to ensure as many people as possible can have a great Outlook.com experience across all their devices,” the company wrote on its blog.

You can download the new Outlook.com app now from Google Play by clicking the source link below.