Orange Launches Libon, An All-In-One Communications Tool For Android


Orange has today launched a new all-in-one communications tool for Android that promises to “change the way you communicate with the people that matter.” Called Libon, the app provides users with free calls, text messages, and a smart visual voicemail service that’s compatible with any wireless network in over 100 countries.

It seems add that a wireless carrier would be throwing you free calls and texts, but that’s exactly what Orange is doing with Libon. The app lets you make HD quality calls and exchange instant messages with other Libon users all over the world, and no matter how much you use it, the service is free.

The best thing about Libon is that it puts all of your conversations into one place. So whether you have an instant message, a missed call, or a voicemail, you’ll find it all in one app. What’s more, Libon works over both Wi-Fi and 3G, and all of your data is backed up to the cloud, so that you can’t lose important messages.


Libon has been available on iOS for some time, but Android’s recent success and its domination of the smartphone market encouraged Orange to expand its reach.

“The launch of Libon on Android was an absolute must. It’s overtaken iOS numbers in the smartphone OS wars and we’re very excited to finally offer something to the thousands of users who have been asking about this,” said Giles Corbett, Head of Libon.

“This is just the start for our Android version. Stay tuned for more functionalities in the coming weeks including the introduction of our premium offering. We’re fully committed to making Libon the most powerful communications app on Android and iOS available today.”

Some of that upcoming functionality includes group chat, file transfers, and on-call content sharing.

You can download Libon for free now from Google Play — just click the source link below.