HipChat For Android Hits Version 2.0 With Complete Redesign

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 5.41.02 PM

HipChat is the software we Cult of Android writers use to chat with each other throughout the day. It’s a pretty good solution for communicating with a group of people across different platforms, but the Android app has been lagging behind.

Not so with today’s 2.0 update. HipChat has redesigned its official Android app to feel more like an Android app. The whole goal of the redesign is to “better conform to Android’s latest design guidelines.”

“This is no half-hearted port of an iOS app or a thin “native” wrapper around a web app,” according to HipChat. “We treat Android as a first-class citizen around here, so this app is 100% native Android.” In addition to the design improvements, you can finally upload files directly from your Android device. There’s “@” mention autocomplete, and stability has been improved under the hood.

HipChat is a free download in Google Play. The service is free for teams of five or fewer.