Apple Reloads: More Lawsuits Against Samsung, Ten Models Involved In A Design Spat [Cat Fight]

It’s a new year, and much to our dismay, that means a whole new onslaught of litigation by Apple. It appears they have reloaded their litigating guns with high-priced lawyers and fired upon ten Samsung models (along with a separate suit against tablets) who they say violate their hardware design patents. In a suit filed in Germany, Apple is looking to ban the sales of ten Samsung smartphone models, including the Galaxy S Plus and the S II.

There really is no point to these lawsuits other than to try and keep Samsung products off of shelves for as long as possible (since they are devouring market share) and will most likely land in favor of Samsung (that or they’ll simply have to create a Galaxy S Plus N). When lawsuits end in a company simply needed to add a new border to their product, something is ridiculously wrong. Anyways, I’m confident this won’t end, and we’ll just continue to see this idiocracy played out among the courts, all while consumers continue to buy whatever they want without giving a rats ass whether or not it has a metal border.

Happy New Year everyone!