Google Launches $30 Book Cover For Nexus 10 With Automatic Sleep/Wake


Google has today unveiled the Book Cover, its first official accessory for the Nexus 10. Priced at $29.99 and available on Google Play, the Book Cover clips into the back of the Nexus 10 and has a cover that folds over your display to protect it while it’s not in use.

Like the iPad’s Smart Cover, Google’s Book Cover automatically puts your Nexus 10 to sleep when you close it, then wakes it up again when you open it.

“Designed specifically for the Nexus 10, the Book Cover attaches directly to your device for an ultra-slim fit. With rounded corners and a matte finish, this thin, durable cover protects the screen without adding bulk,” the cover’s Google Play description reads.

“Open the stylish Book Cover to automatically wake your Nexus 10; close it to put your device to sleep.”

You can order the Book Cover in grey from today, and shipping is currently listed at 3-5 business days.