Deezer Launches New Android App Beta With Revamped UI, New Features


If you choose to get your music streamed to your Android devices from Deezer, then you’re in for a treat. The company just launched a brand new Android app in beta, with a new and improved user interface and new features. You can download and install the new app now — find out how below.

In addition to the improvements made to its user interface, which seem to fit in nicely with Android’s ‘Holo’ guidelines, the new version of Deezer boasts features like predictive search, which will begin suggesting artists, albums, and tracks as soon as you begin typing letters into the search box.

This makes it much easier to find the music you’re looking for, particularly if you’re searching for a popular artist or track, because you usually only have to type the first few letters.

Deezer also has lock screen and notification controls now, so you can quickly control music playback from wherever you may be on your device. This is great if you want to skip tracks when you’re browsing the web or chatting to friends on Facebook, because you no longer have to actually open the Deezer app.

Deezer says its new app will be available to download from Google Play soon, but if you’d like to get your hands on the beta now, just hit the source link below and you’ll be taken to Deezer’s download page, where you can grab the APK. It’s easier to do this on your Android device itself, rather than downloading it on your computer and then having to transfer it.