Angry Birds Star Wars Gets Cloud City Episode With 20 New Levels


Rovio has issued yet another update to Angry Birds Star Wars on Android and iOS today, introducing a brand new Cloud City episode with 20 new levels. The release also adds steam gameplay mechanics, the ability to brag about your trophies on Twitter, and more.

The release notes with this update read:

Welcome to Bespin! After narrowly escaping the Hog Empire at the Battle of Hoth, the Rebel Birds are happy to lay low for a while. But Cloud City might not be as welcoming as it appears…

Take advantage of the new steam gameplay mechanics to battle your way through 20 all-new Bespin levels in Cloud City. And once you’re done with those, you can unlock the new Boba Fett missions by collecting all five hidden rocket packs.

If you don’t have time to collect the rocket packs — or you’re just lazy, like me — you can also access the Boba Fett missions with a promotion code or in-app purchase.

In addition to this, Angry Birds Star Wars has Twitter integration for the first time, allowing you to update your friends every time you unlock a new trophy.

Check out some Cloud City gameplay in the video below.

Download the latest version of the game now from the App Store and Google Play.