Samsung Galaxy S4 To Launch On T-Mobile Around May 1st


T-Mobile is getting the iPhone 5 in a couple weeks. They’re really excited. But towards the end of today’s press event, T-Mobile let it be known that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be arriving at the carrier just a few weeks after the iPhone 5.

Michael Siever, Chief Marketing Officer at T-Mobile, said that Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 will launch on its network around May 1st. A specific launch date was not given, but it’s the most specific time frame we’ve heard so far.

T-Mobile also announced that they are launching their LTE network today. The iPhone 5 will go on sale at T-Mobile starting April 12th. Customers only have to pay $99 for the iPhone 5 upfront and then a $20 fee every month to pay for the phone.

We imagine T-Mobile might bring similar pricing schemes to other flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S 4, but T-Mobile didn’t state whether that would be the case at the event.

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